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Face-to-Face Training

When we are not restricted by Covid or lockdown guidelines, we deliver suicide prevention and suicide first aid training to workplaces and community groups all across the UK's South East including London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.


Our most popular training programmes are listed below. Got questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.


The pressure of success.png

Length: 1-3 hours

Maximum participants: 16

The Pressure of Success: A Workplace Toolkit for Starting the Conversation About Suicide 

This is a practical tools-based workshop to explore the specific pressure experienced by young professionals, nearly 80% of whom believe there is still a stigma attached to telling others about their mental health at work. This workshop aims to be part of much-needed culture change, to create a culture of openness and healthier workplaces across London and beyond, so employees feel able to bring their ‘whole selves’ to work.

We created this workshop in partnership with Olly's Future, a charity set up in memory of Oliver Hare who took his own life when he was 22. 

SFA Suicide First Aid Thrugh Understanding Suicide Interventions SFAUSI Training Course

Length: one day

Maximum participants: 16

SFAUSI: Suicide First Aid through Understanding Suicide Intervention

City and Guilds Training Accreditation

This programme is accredited by City & Guilds which means, with a little post-course homework, participants can choose to attain the UK’s National Qualification in Suicide Prevention and 6 credits at Level 4.


This evidence-based, interactive programme is part knowledge-based, part skills-based. You will learn and practice the skills needed to identify someone who may be thinking about suicide, and to competently intervene to help create a safe plan, as a first aid approach.

Sicide First Aid Understanding Suicide Interventons Training

Length: half-day

Maximum participants: 20

SFAL: Suicide First Aid Lite

For groups with a limited time or budget, SFAL is a shorter interactive course, designed to be modified and fully flexible to suit the specific needs of your group. 

In 3.5 hours, the group learns a mix of basic theory and practical skills. They leave feeling more alert to possible signs of suicide and more confident in helping someone considering suicide to stay safe. 

ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Length: two days

Maximum participants: 30

ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

ASIST is a two-day interactive workshop for larger groups. Although ASIST is widely used worldwide by healthcare providers, participants don't need any formal training to attend - anyone aged 16 or older can take part. Since its development in 1983 by LivingWorks in Canada, over 2 million people have taken this workshop. 


An ASIST workshop requires two trainers and two training rooms for two days.

SafeTALK Suicide Alertness for Everyone Training Course

Length: half-day

Maximum participants: 30

SafeTALK: Suicide Alertness for Everyone

SafeTALK was developed by LivingWorks in Canada and is delivered worldwide. It is a half-day course that helps anyone learn how to notice and what to do if someone is thinking of suicide by following the easy-to-remember TALK steps: Tell, Ask, Listen and Keep-safe. 

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