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Mission & Values

Mission Statement

We believe that together we can all help prevent suicide by learning how to talk about it, openly and honestly, without fear or judgement. We deliver evidence-based suicide prevention training courses to organisations and communities, shattering fear and stigma and inspiring confidence to talk.

Value #1


Our communities are crying out for more compassion. That’s why we offer affordable suicide prevention training, courses in kindness, with practical tools for how to trust your gut, and start that difficult conversation. We are heart-led, and underpinned by evidence and experience.

Value #2


We choose our words carefully: we say what we mean and mean what we say. Likewise, our suicide prevention training is straight-talking and jargon-free. We understand that being clear and transparent inspires trust, which in turn creates a safe space where vulnerability is recognised as a strength.

Value #3


As humans, we require others to survive and to thrive, and yet a person thinking of suicide often feels alone and disconnected. Creating a genuine connection between two human beings is at the core of what we do, whether in a suicide intervention or a training room. 

​Value #4


From connection blooms collaboration. We are committed to partnering with value-aligned organisations and communities in London, Brighton, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, as well as with suicide survivors, to create a unified and unafraid voice with a clear message: together we can prevent suicide.

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