Frequently Asked Questions

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Anyone! We all live and work alongside vulnerable people. Suicide doesn't discriminate, so we all need to learn how to prevent suicide.

No previous training is needed, only the desire to learn new skills. An ability to self-reflect and empathise helps.

Who can get this training?

How long is the training?

You choose what works best for you!


We offer sessions from 90 minutes (online) to two days (face-to-face)...


...and everywhere in between. 


Let's talk about your organisation's needs and budget and find the best solution for you.

Contact Rose here or

schedule a 30-minute call/Zoom.

What will I learn?

  • Healthy language for talking about suicide

  • Possible causes of suicide

  • Barriers to seeking help

  • The possible signs of suicide 

  • How to start a conversation about suicide that could save a life 

  • Busting myths and stigma

  • Debriefing and self-care

Most of us have been affected by suicide in some way. We carry these stories with us. 


So we take your safety and wellbeing (before, during and after a training session) very seriously.

We take time and care to create a safe, open and respectful learning environment from the outset, with a focus on language, respect, confidentiality and self-care. 

How do you keep us safe?

What is your training style?

Whether in person or online, expect an interactive and emotionally-engaging learning experience.

When delivering in person, we create an adult learning environment where diversity of cultures, experiences and attitudes are respected and celebrated.

Teaching methods include meaningful facilitated discussions, tutor-led roleplay and short films. 

How much does training cost?

As you might expect, the cost of training varies depending on the length of session, the number of learners and your type of organisation. 

We will find a solution that is affordable for your company or community group. 


To discuss your particular requirements contact Rose here or 

schedule a 30-minute call/Zoom.