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"Brilliant training. So informative, inclusive and inspiring." 

GP, London, UK

"These are skills I will probably use for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Rose."

Teacher, Brighton, UK

"I am an old cynic - and today's suicide prevention course far exceeded my expectations!"

Vietnam veteran, Brisbane, Australia

"Fabulous! Rose created a safe, nurturing environment where we all felt at ease. I loved every minute."

Counsellor, Kent, UK

"I feel a lot more confident asking directly about suicide than I did before. If only everyone could receive this training! Especially from the passionate Rose!"

Police officer, Sydney, Australia

"Today was so well structured and executed. The materials you provided support the content perfectly and the pace was just right."

Drug & Alcohol Worker, London, UK

"Rose's experience, knowledge and passion really motivated my learning and skill development."

Family mediator, Brighton, UK

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