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Talking about Suicide: 10 Tools (TAS10)

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Length: 90 minutes

Delivery format: Zoom

Maximum participants: 50


Support available: 

Emotional & Tech support at every session

Booking options: 

Open & Closed sessions available - see below.

Talking about suicide is our best form of prevention, but fears like this can get in the way of us starting a conversation:

"What if I say the wrong thing?"

"What if I make things worse?"

"What if I put the idea in their head?"

Talking about Suicide: 10 Tools (known as "TAS-10" for short) is a 90-minute online training that blasts away fears and stigma, and equips your team with 10 practical tools to spot the signs and have a potentially life-saving conversation about suicide with someone you are worried about. 

  • Delivered live on Zoom by an experienced engaging trainer

  • Engaging, respectful and safe - emotional support is provided

  • Takes the fear out of this sensitive subject

  • Includes includes an industry-specific 'Life-Saving Conversation​​'

TAS10 is for everyone! No prior training needed.

Open sessions (for individuals)


Because we want this training to be accessible to EVERYONE, we run regular OPEN sessions, on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis; 100% of donations go to Olly's Future.

Closed sessions (for teams)

We deliver closed sessions to workplaces including the corporate / financial sector, education and health settings and charities - and work with you to tailor the session for your specific industry. 


Talking about Suicide: 10 Tools was created in proud partnership by

  • Ann Feloy, founder of Olly's Future (charity no. 1187184) and

  • Rose Rowkins of Start the Conversation

The session is currently part of the curriculum at three medical schools, as part of the innovative Dr SAMS (Suicide Awareness in Medical Students) initiative.  

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